Fundraisers–Bake Sale and Pizza Night!

I-91 Welcome Center Bake Sale Fundraiser August 18, 2016


On  August 18, 2016 Brattleboro Time Trade will hold our annual bake sale at the I-91 welcome center in Guilford.  This is a major fundraiser for us and to make it happen we ask for support from members and from the community at large.

Time Trade members:

  • We need your baked goods, snacks, and drinks.  Details and signup information are here.
  • We need your time in a two-hour shift on the day of the bake sale.  Details and signup information are here.

Merchants and other members of the community, we need your baked goods and other tasty edibles.  You may receive a call from one of our board members about this, or to contribute, contact board chairman Tony Duncan at

Pizza Night Fundraiser August 23, 2016

Join us at Orchard Hill Breadworks.  Sign up to volunteer here or see our Facebook page.  More information is here.

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