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Join the Feeding Friendzy on February 6th at Elliot Street Fish, Chips & More!

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Thank you to everyone who made our I-91 Coffee Break & Bake Sale Fundraiser on August 19th a success!

Thank you so much to Sevi Akarcay, Beth & Michael McKinney, Clay Turnbull, Katherine Barratt, Jan Dreschler, Robbie Paley, and Kathy Linskey for helping out with serving coffee and food!

Thank you to Richard Pearce for setting up coffee first thing in the morning, and thanks to Susan Rohde for helping with early morning setup!

Thank you so very much to Beth McKinney, Kris Alden & Robbie Paley for loaning coolers; to Kathy Lewis for the lovely pottery pie plate and cold drink dispenser donation to BTT; to Denise Glover, Eliza Beardslee, Wendy Bayliss, Chelsa Roy, Sevi Akarcay, Jessmaya Morales, Abby Mnookin, Katherine Barratt, Pat Spinelli, Lucinda McGovern, Zara Bode, M.D. Baker, Jenny Chapin, Beth McKinney, Jan Dreschler, Marilyn Chiarello, Chandra Bossard, Arlene Hanson, and Paula Schwartz for donating home-baked goods, fruit, creamers, juices, and snacks!

Our donations totaled $1, 260, and we were so appreciative of the sunny weather we got, as well as our requested Saturday date!


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